I have a problem…

… I can’t stop making music. I seem to playing every day at the moment. Mostly harmonicas, but also some ukulele and mandolin. It’s great therapy, and has really made a positive impact on my mental health.

I reckon I have about half a dozen eps or albums sketched out, and am thinking of releasing one a month. They are a mixture of chilled out drone harmonica pieces, heavier doom pieces and straight blues. I also have plans to play live soon too.

My wife has been very supportive of this, even suggesting that I go off and play when I’m feeling low or agitated. As I said, it really helps me, and makes me feel happy.

I’ve also been filming some of the tracks and sharing them on YouTube, some of them have even been watched! I’m really happy with how things are working out, and proud of what I’m coming up with.

Here’s a taste… https://soundcloud.com/morgan-gleave/mountain-demo


Megalithic musings..

Not sure if there’s a pattern on here yet, and not even sure if there should be one. I think this site is becoming my space to think and express my thoughts to the world.

Last week was hard work, physically at least. There were quite a few business events, and sorting out things for my course kept me busy. Valentine’s was an odd day, with a mixture of feelings, predominately lovely, but the morning was tough, and I had to deal with anger issues and feelings of resentment. Recycling lots of book for charity and a serious amount of cleaning and tidying were amazing therapy, as were a long hot bath, wine and a wonderful meal that my wife made for us.

Whilst I was in the bad patch on Valentine’s morning, I was listening to some really heavy music. Music is incredibly therapeutic for me, even more so since I’ve been making it. Very heavy music takes me to another place, and quite literally blows away all of the detritus, negative feelings and emotions. I spent quite a while making some really heavy loud music on Sunday, which sounds bloody fantastic (to me) through headphones really loud. It’s quite liberating creating and listening stuff like this. I heartily recommend it.

I can only play for a short while at present, as my fingers have softened off from not playing ukulele for a while. At present, I’m making the sounds heavier and more messed up by adding distortion and amplification through my PC. At some point, this’ll go live, and there will be a new amp, mics, pedals and a repaired ukulele. For now, learning to play heavier and fstaer again is my goal, and making my fingers tougher again!

Thanks for listening.