A slight shift

Since last week’s post, a lot has changed. I’m socialising a lot more through my business and music, face-to-face as opposed to on-line.  This is good on many levels.

I’ve also been reading a lot more (on-line, admittedly) about how people deal with issues like social injustice and mental health.  It’s led me to think a lot about how creativity can help with depression and anxiety, and how art can be used as a tool to inform and educate others.  How it can support those living with these kind of difficulties, and allow them to express those feelings that depression, anxiety and other mental health problems make the feel and think.

I’m making a slight shift on here, to also talk about how mental health affects people.  It’s a really important issue that needs to be talked about more openly, and the core of this can be through getting out and interacting with others.  This is what this site is all about.  Real interaction out in the real world.  Talking about and sharing thoughts, concerns and problems really helps.  It can remove the sense of isolation that depression can bring.

Go for a walk.  Go to music events. Go to exhibitions and museums.  See what your community has to offer.  Use the web, but as a tool to support you, not dominate you.

Thanks for listening.


Checking in whilst checking out.

Whilst I said this blog wasn’t going to be updated that often, I didn’t realise I’d leave it since June.

I’ve had a growing withdrawal from social media since I started this idea.  It’s growing every day now, as I’m finding the lure of constant updates growing weaker.  I’m starting to get to the point where I’m far less bothered about masses of updates every day, and getting increasingly annoyed with myself when I keep going back to check, even if I was there a few minutes previously.

So what have I been doing instead of pontificating online?

I’ve painted a lot more – pictures, walls and murals; I’ve started cycling lots more; written songs and made videos; written and drawn comics; walked with our dog a lot more; worked really hard on our business; networked like crazy for our business; read books, comics and magazines. I’ve also travelled a lot around England… LOTS of driving. I’m sure there’s lots more too.

My offline life is definitely more important to me now than my online one, and I aim to keep it that way. Please share what you’ve been up to out there, it’d be nice to know what everyone is doing too.

Cheers for now, Morgan.

Get out there

I know this isn’t a new idea, but I’d like to see how an offline network and community can work and grow in a media saturated world.  I get the irony that I have to use a computer and the internet to forge the connections that make up this community, so we can move on from that point now. I’m also sure that other people have had the same idea and are doing similar things.

I think my idea is simple.  Encourage people to connect through a basis site like this one, then actually get out and meet up in person.  I realise sadly that some people see this as a risk, as meeting strangers that you have only connected with online is an unknown quantity.  Take someone with you.  Meet in a place where other people are.  Tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting and for how long.  Be sensible and responsible.

You can do anything you want to.  Have a talk; go for a drink; ride bikes; play music; draw pictures; go for a walk; whatever you like.  The idea is that groups will form around different activities and socialise in person rather than online.  Get out there and do something instead of sitting in front of a screen or tapping away on a phone of tablet.  Breath, interact, share.

Don’t keep checking this site as if your life depends on it, I don’t plan on updating every minute.  There should be a post once a week which will relate to the experiment, or social interaction, or activities, or… well, you get the idea.  I’m not linking the posts to social media, you can if you want to.  Me sharing this site on social media defeats the intention of the experiment.  If others choose to, that’s fine, but remember that the whole point of the experiment is to interact offline.  Use social media as a tool, that’s what it is. Oh, and use comments on this site to interact too. They should connect to an email address, and people can respond through that channel.  The intention is that word should spread naturally and organically.

Thank you for reading and, hopefully, taking part.

Morgan Gleave, June 2014