Go for the burn!

Last week I went to the gym. Twice. It’s something I wasn’t sure about, due to the old image of jocks trying to outdo each other, and testosterone flying around…

How wrong was I? I had a two-part assessment, to see where my fitness level is, and what exercise suits me. The first part was on running, stepping and cycling machines, the second on weight/resistance machines. I really enjoyed both sessions, but the resistance training was superb.

My fitness isn’t too bad, with cycling when I can, football with my grandson (usually an hour of ‘training’ as he calls it…), walking our dog, and trying to be active when possible. I like being outdoors and walking, so it comes fairly easily. I would like a little more definition in my stomach area, as my slighter build shows off my little tummy a bit too well for my liking… The resistance machines are great for this, and I will be having another assessment, which will help set up a programme of exercise for me. I need a plan in these areas, as guidance really helps me on this kind of exercise.

Cycling will be going up a notch too. After much deliberation, running is out, and cycling is in. Cycling is much kinder to my poor old knees, and easier for me to build up distances, as I have a decent base from many years of BMX and MTB riding. I’ve planned out three rides a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a big hill in it that I am determined to conquer. Cycling will form the foundation of my fitness, with gym work balancing out the body.

I’m really looking forwards to this!

Elsa - my trusty road bike
Elsa – my trusty road bike

Jump around!

Quick post with some really good news!

At business networking this morning, I met Steve Finnemore, who is a lovely chap that is a qualified massage specialist and works in partnership with his wife, Ann, who is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and nutritionist. I’ve met Ann on many occasions, and we have discussed counselling, working with children, personal development.comics… we get on really well.

Anyway, talking to Steve about my knee injury from running, and after a quick check of my knee and thigh muscles and were the pain was, he told me that it is a muscular problem and that massage and stretching will help alleviate the problem and I can start trail running again!

It’ll take some work, and it’ll be a while before running gets back to where I was, but I’m really happy!