Pocket Dump! 14.12.2015

Pocket-Dump-14-12-20151.Reusable carrier bag; 2.Business card holder; 3.SMART EGG two watt front cycle light (doubles as a torch too!); 4.SMART LED rear cycle light; 5. Ancient ROTRING propelling pencil; 6.ROTRING 0.5mm Tikky pen; 7.RAC 3LED torch; 8.ALTURA windproof gloves (these are awesome and cheap! Bargain!)


Mini Pocket Dump! 6/11/2015

Mini Pocket Dump 12/11/2015

1.A6 notebook (always useful); 2.KEYS!; 3. Papermate propelling pencil (why hadnt I been using these before? No sharpeners, writes anywhere; 4. Ancient wallet; 5. Reusable carrier bag (helps save the planet, and you have to pay for carrier bags in the UK now…); 6. Business card holder, containing cards for our art and design business.

Pocket Dump! November 2015

Completely nicking this idea from Thomas and Elise More Than Just Surviving, as I think it is a really good one. Onwards to exploring, learning and growing! This is what was the pockets of my cycling jacket today…


1.Eco batteries for front bicycle light; 2.Ancient wallet (gift from my wife); 3. Alcohol wipes liberated from KFC; 4. KEYS!; 5. Student ID for my L4 Counselling Diploma; 6.Random Scout woggle found in canal fields; 7.Business card holder, containing cards for our art and design business.

When I put something up that I really like, I will share links to manufacturers where possible. Get out there and explore!