Lovely evening…

It’s so nice spending time at the canal in my favourite fishing spot. Such a sense of calm and tranquillity, sitting under the shade of a tree with nature providing the soundtrack and light show.

Switching up my baits (luncheon meat and sweetcorn) and rigs tonight certainly got the fish really interested, as they were right on top of my rig, but they still didn’t bite. It didn’t matter to me that I didn’t catch anything, as learning more about what baits and rigs the fish like is a wonderful part of the game. Fishing solo is such a lovely thing to do. I really want to catch a fish, but the whole experience is what makes it. Your senses are working overtime… watching the water, listening for fish movement; touching the line and reel – playing the float into place. But your brain is so calm and quiet. Nothing exists except the moment, everything else fades away.

So I blanked again, but the buzz of seeing fish near my float was superb, a wonderful vindication of what I am learning. The only problem was the mystery tangle of line coming off my reel, which I’ll sort on the morrow, as it was getting too dark to sort bank-side.

Happy fisherman…


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