Hello bulls…

I’ve been to the canal again this evening… the light was lovely, and all was calm.

I baited up and cast out into the middle of the canal, as there were signs there on Sunday on the stretch I’ve chosen. As it was breezy, the current was moving quite fast, as were the fish. They were definitely there, as I could see plenty of signs of them surface feeding, so I baited more heavily nearer to where they were appearing. A few well placed casts got me right next to them, but they weren’t biting. They were also a couple of smaller fish (about finger size) that actually jumped right out of the water! So close…

Still, it was so nice just sitting there, a big smile on my face, watching the fish moving about and feeding. So calm and relaxing.

On the way back, I had a comedy moment. I had stopped to sort my rod out, as the knot on the lead had slipped, and there was a right old tangle of line! I was away in a little world of my own, when I realised the young bullocks in the field had wandered over to see what this funny human was up to… It did make me giggle, seeing a dozen of them standing in a row, mystified.

A wonderful way to spend an evening. Calm, happy and content.

Near bank - Lookout point
Near bank – Lookout point
Far bank - they're out there!
Far bank – they’re out there!
Sunset on the way home
Sunset on the way home

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