Going solo…

Been out on my first solo fishing mission today, without my very good friend and mentor, Rolf. (Mind you, he does live a fair drive away…)

The learning curve at present is HUGE, from knots to bait, casting to positions, hooks, line and sinkers! After a bit of a mess setting up my rod at first, I got it spot on second time round, added a rig and headed for the canal. It was so nice to walk up through the canal fields where I have since my childhood, cross the old bridge, and wander into the woods to the spot I’d ‘found’ on Friday. It was lovely and shady under the trees, good for hiding me from any fish, and a perfect spot to get baited up and make my first cast.

Handling maggots could have been an issue for me, as I’m a bit squeamish about slimy stuff and all that. (I’ve been scared of frogs and toads since I was tiny… They still freak me out a bit now, but I know they look lovely.) I’m pleased to report that handling maggots wasn’t an issue at all, and I baited my hook fine and baited up around the ‘swim’ I’d picked out. Yay! First issue resolved!

Casting out was cool, as I was short casting near the bank, thinking that’s where the fish would be… Well, the fish were there for sure, as there was plenty of surface activity, but more towards the middle of the canal. Mind, I couldn’t cast there, as there were barges cruising through. Hey ho…

It did quiet down, and I recast further out towards the centre or the water. Time passed in a weird way, slowly and quickly simultaneously. Focussing on a small stretch of water for hours made time disappear, and I slowly lost myself to nature. Birdsong, wind, sun, insects on the water and the occasional splash of fish feeding became my soundtrack. It’s a lovely feeling just being in nature, and I was very aware of the large smile on my face. I was truly in the moment and very happy.

I didn’t catch anything on this trip, but I could see that the fish were there. I will return later this week, trying different angles, times and spaces in my little corner of the canal bank. So happy and calm. Catch you later… (LOL!)

Rod rest Happy face Tree Canal overview


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