Big kid…

I write another blog about my comics projects (, so won’t go on too much about the projects I’m working on here, as you can find out more there…

I’ve loved comics since I was tiny, my Saturday morning treat (if I’d been good) was a comic of my choice, usually one of the Marvel UK reprints, Planet of the Apes being a particular favourite. It stood to reason that I’d start writing and drawing them eventually. I had my first strip published at age 12.

12 was a pivotal age for me. It was when I decided what I was going to do for a living, to be a graphic designer. I loved drawing comics but thought it would be hard breaking into the industry, and graphic design was an easier route to follow that would allow me to be creative for a living. It was a practical decision. More recently, I wish I’d stuck to my gut instinct and become a cartoonist. Ahh, regrets…

So, after a lifetime of drawing and reading comics, I finally published two of my own last year. It’s the best thing I ever did, art-wise. Sure, they’ve not sold loads, but they have sold, and I have a fan base building. This year, the challenge is to release a new comic (PDFs to start for £2.00/$2.00) bi-monthly, with the hope of getting a small print run later in the year. My first title should be ready for the end of this month. It’s written, and I’ve drawn the first five of twenty-four pages. They’ll be six issues in this series, alongside six other titles which will be separate stories, probably stand-alone. I’m done waiting for the big break, and am making it myself. Life’s too short right?


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