A walk in the park…

Lovely morning today (Tuesday) walking and talking in one of my favourite places, Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire…

Okay, so it was an early start (up at 6:00am to start walking at 8:30am), but it was definitely worth it. It was so nice to be in the park nice and early, feeling like we had the place to ourselves. I think there was about 30 of us, and we set off in pairs, primary school style, talking about our businesses and life in general. Every five minutes, one of the organisers blew a whistle, and we moved up to the next person. Great fun, and a wonderful way to network and get to know people.

We also had one of the park wardens with us who stopped occasionally and pointed out interesting parts of the park, telling us about how Bradgate Park has become self-sustaining. There was a big ‘ahh’ moment when we saw the new herd of deer, including very little ones. The deer have the run of the park, and it’s a beautiful sight seeing large groups of deer moving around, feeding, grooming, just being deer.

It was a little squishy underfoot, given the time of year, but you were busy chatting and taking in the atmosphere that you didn’t really notice. After walking for an hour, we all headed to the cafe for coffee, tea and bacon butties! (Or croissants and jam, if bacon isn’t your thing…) There was the opportunity to network further during breakfast. I met some lovely people from all kinds of businesses, and hope to be working with them in the future! I’ll definitely be walking and talking there again.

From an exercise point of view, it was great, as the pace was good for my knees, and the softer ground meant lower impact too. I’ve been doing yoga too for the last week, as that is also really good for my body, battered as it is. It’s helping my balance and flexibility, which will pay off big time when I ride Flatland BMX this weekend, weather permitting. Low impact exercise is paying off mentally and physically, and making me really happy, and more importantly, fitter and healthier.

It's been raining...
It’s been raining…
There are lots of deer in the park, honest!

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