New knees please!

I’ve not run at all this week, due to a lot of pain in my right knee. Even with a support bandage and a gentler pace, it still hurts – most of the time…

I’m not sure how much this has to do with it, but when I was 19, I slammed really badly on my skateboard. (What is it about ‘extreme’ sports and joint injuries?) I dropped about 10 feet straight down onto my knees and it bloody hurt. I’ve still skated and ridden bikes since, but it’s running that really caused me pain. Impact, I guess.

I chose to run on mud and grass as I knew it would be better for my joints, and I already had the shoes for it.  t’s frustrating as I managed to build up my pace and distance last week, and was really proud of myself. Plus, I’m running because I really enjoy it, which has caught me slightly by surprise. I’ve been recommended a slower pace (I’m not that fast anyway, being a newbie…) and new shoes (I wish… maybe Santa’s feeling kind?), as my current ones are about out…

Any tips and hints on recovery and strength building would be much appreciated, as I really don’t want to stop trail running now I’m hooked. And I want to race next year…


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