Busy weekend…

Evening offliners… It’s been a busy but lovely weekend this week, hope your’s has been good too.

Saturday morning was spent with my sister at North Evington Children’s Centre, taking part in one of their fab awareness days. There were smoothies being made, keep fit sessions, face painting, arts and crafts and loads more. My sister was hiding in the trees, making stars, mobiles and more from fallen branches, twigs, string, tinsel, and lots more… Me? I was making badges indoors in the warm!

I seriously lost count of now many badges I made… I must have made well over 100, and had to turn folks away, as I ran out of parts to make any more!  At one point, I was just cranking out badges non-stop for an hour. It was crazy! It was really good fun though, as most of the badges were being created by kids between 2 and 11, and seeing their faces after their art was turned into a badge they could wear was a lovely reward for all the work! The time just flew by!

That afternoon was our granddaughter’s 3rd birthday get together, a wonderful afternoon spent with family, with lots of cake, party food and balloons. We were stuffed and tired out by home time! I spent a nice evening with a few cold beers and drawing hip hop legends of the 90s… nice!

Today (Sunday) was a proud day, as our eldest grandson was having his latest film shown, along with his fellow performing arts friends’ films too.  Our grandson has been going to a performing arts class on Saturdays for 4 years now, and appeared on a West End (London) stage last Summer. He’s a natural performer, with serious charisma and talent. Sure, we’re biased, but he seems so comfortable on stage and screen… We really hope he does something with his talent when he gets older (he’s almost 11…), as he’s so gifted. The range of talent and ideas we saw from the ‘kids’ at the screening was fantastic. We’ve been to all of his screenings and performances, and seeing how the groups have grown and matured over the years is incredible. The icing on the cake was seeing everyone walk down the read carpet in their finery… so cool.

So… with all this activity, has there been time for running you ask?  Yup. I’ve been quite concerned about running over the last few days, as I tweaked my knee pretty badly on Wednesday’s circuits. I’ve been able to get my distance and pace up this week, which I’m really proud of, even managing a sprint finish to my laps on Friday. But my knee’s been quite painful since Wednesday.

I slammed really badly on my knees when I was a 19 year old skater, I went one way, the board went the other… My knees have never been the same since. Pushing through for extra distance and speed has clearly hurt my knee joints, even with running on soft mud and grass. When I put in laps on Friday, the pain eased with each circuit, as the joints were warming up, and I felt lots better.  It’s been quite stiff and achy since.

I wrapped my knee with a sports support bandage before today’s run, and it felt much better. (There’s a dull ache now, but not too bad.) I also took our German Shepherd, Fizz along for the run too, which is always fun. (She’s snoozing in her basket now!) We took my route up through the canal fields and up the wooded hills, which was quite magical in the fading sunlight. Not quite dark enough for torches, but enough to keep you on your toes. I got a good run, as did Fizz, and the bandage seems to have done the trick. I’m concerned, as I’m really enjoying running now.  I mean, I couldn’t wait to get home today to get out into the open air and run, even worrying about how my knee feels. It’d be a shame if I had to stop now I’m hitting my stride…

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