Muddy Hell

I have a new obsession. Trail Running.

I’m not incredibly fit, but try to eat sensibly, not drink too much booze, quit smoking ages ago and love being outdoors.  I cycle sometimes, and love all forms of cycling.  I plan on skateboarding again in the new year too.  I do tend to go for more unconventional sports, so running off-road, in mud, wind and rain seems like a logical choice. Plus it keeps me away from computer screens…

Over the last year, I’ve had a couple of false starts with running.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  When I see someone else running I think ‘I want to do that.’  I’ve never been able to stick at a routine with running until now.  Going out early in the cold, damp and dark suits me.  It gets me up and out and away from the lure of the web.  I’m a week in and am hooked.  Being in Essex and having a day of networking and exhibitions ahead of me didn’t stop me.  I just got up, slung my kit on and got out there.

It’s a lovely feeling being outside early when no-one else is about.  Just you and the elements.  I love the fact I have to sneak through a gap in the hedge to get into my local park as the gates aren’t open at six in the morning.  A little act of rebellion and anarchy.  I did jump a bit when a dog burst out of the woods, another early riser out and about.

I’m writing about running here, as it’s a wonderful way to use time offline.  Great for thinking, clearing your head, planning your day, tuning in, dropping off, whatever suits… I love the way your brain just zones out and focuses purely on running after a while.  So I’m not going to enter the Olympics or win any medals, but I love the feeling running trails give you.  I might race next year, but to enjoy myself, that’s why I’m doing it. To enjoy myself and stay offline.  See you on the trails…


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