Checking in whilst checking out.

Whilst I said this blog wasn’t going to be updated that often, I didn’t realise I’d leave it since June.

I’ve had a growing withdrawal from social media since I started this idea.  It’s growing every day now, as I’m finding the lure of constant updates growing weaker.  I’m starting to get to the point where I’m far less bothered about masses of updates every day, and getting increasingly annoyed with myself when I keep going back to check, even if I was there a few minutes previously.

So what have I been doing instead of pontificating online?

I’ve painted a lot more – pictures, walls and murals; I’ve started cycling lots more; written songs and made videos; written and drawn comics; walked with our dog a lot more; worked really hard on our business; networked like crazy for our business; read books, comics and magazines. I’ve also travelled a lot around England… LOTS of driving. I’m sure there’s lots more too.

My offline life is definitely more important to me now than my online one, and I aim to keep it that way. Please share what you’ve been up to out there, it’d be nice to know what everyone is doing too.

Cheers for now, Morgan.


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